Why red wine is packed in wooden boxes? Is it to make red wine taste better?

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Author : Fullrich Wooden Gift Package-Tracy Shen
Update time : 2022-06-16 21:58:05

Basically, the red wine we buy in the market is made of wooden box packaging, so what is the reason for the wooden box packaging of red wine? Is the taste of red wine better if we use wooden box packaging? Or is it simply suitable for ? How about using a wooden box for packaging?


1. Environmental protection can be reused


If the red wine is packed in wooden boxes, it can be recycled and reused, which is more in line with the current environmental protection requirements. Now basically the packaging is made of wood, so most of the red wine products we see are also made of this packaging material. If you understand this, dont you feel surprised?


2. Easy to store and not broken


Because of the high sales price of red wine, special attention should be paid to the transportation and storage, because if the red wine is broken, it will basically be worthless. If you choose to pack the red wine in a wooden box, because the wooden box has a large space and is not easy to be damaged during storage, basically the red wine we choose is packed in a wooden box.



3.the pursuit of beautiful appearance


Red wine itself is a high-end product. If it is packaged in a wooden box, the quality of the overall packaging will be greatly improved, which will also help red wine products to increase their own prices. The cost of red wine itself is only 100 yuan. Because the packaging is well selected, the price can basically be positioned between 200 and 300 yuan, and consumers will be happy to accept this price.

Seeing this, everyone knows why red wine is basically packed in wooden boxes now! Although the packaging cost of red wine wooden boxes is high, if you weigh the pros and cons, it is definitely more suitable to choose wooden boxes, and it is safer and more environmentally friendly.

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