Packaging box customization defines the industry

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Generally speaking, product packaging should include elements such as trademark or brand, shape, color, pattern and material.


1. Trademark or brand

The trademark or brand is the most important component in the packaging and should occupy a prominent position in the packaging as a whole.


2. Packaging shape

Appropriate packaging shape is conducive to storage, transportation and display, as well as product sales. Therefore, shape is an indispensable combination element in packaging.


3. Packaging Color

Color is a sales-stimulating component of packaging. The color combination that highlights the characteristics of the product can not only strengthen the brand characteristics, but also have a strong appeal to customers


4. Packaging pattern

The pattern in the packaging is like the picture in the advertisement, its importance and indispensability are self-evident.


5. Selection of packaging materials

The choice of packaging materials not only affects the cost of packaging, but also affects the market competitiveness of this commodity.


6. Product Labels

On the label are generally printed the contents of the package and the main ingredients contained in the product, the brand logo, the product quality level, the product manufacturer, the production date and expiration date, and thes method of use.


How to better avoid printing core problems in packaging box design


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