FRG--How did an amazing red wine wooden box come into being?

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Author : Fullrich Gift Packaging-Tracy Shen
Update time : 2022-04-24 17:02:31

There are many wood-packaged red wines on the market, which look high-end and high-grade. In fact, this stunning wooden wine box is specially customized, and there are many details that need to be paid attention to when customizing, otherwise it will not achieve what it should be. Effect. For example, the material, processing technology, printing technology and so on of the red wine wooden box. So how can we successfully customize the stunning wooden box?


For the positioning of medium and high-end red wine, we recommend further processing on the basis of general wood, such as surface treatment, spraying antique paint, customizing special LOGO patterns, widening dimensions, decorative packaging accessories, etc.


In order to open products with different prices, you should also pay attention to the packaging level when choosing packaging. For example, ordinary red wine does not need high-end packaging. For general red wine, you can choose conventional red wine wooden boxes, such as pine single or double pull, flip, etc., and professional custom manufacturers' workshops stock up throughout the year, which can be delivered at any time, without delaying the time of red wine users.



Regarding the size, the length of the red wine wooden box is mostly about 35cm. If there are special requirements, it can be customized according to customer requirements. The conventional wooden box is suitable for domestic and imported red wine bottles, except for large belly bottles or special specifications, it is suitable for standard wine bottles with a diameter of less than 7.0cm. Please specify the bottle diameter before customizing the wooden box, so as not to delay the use.


According to the customized size requirements, the red wine bottle is basically determined to be between 30-33.5cm, so the length of the red wine wooden box does not need to be increased. After the addition, the appearance of the wooden box has changed. The height is the same, but the height can also increase the width at will, appropriately increase 1-2cm. Mainly describe the width. When displaying a wooden box, the first thing you see is the height and width. The larger the width, the more atmospheric the wooden box will be. You can widen it appropriately during the customization process.


Customers who are exposed to red wine wooden box packaging for the first time will feel that the wooden box is small or not amazing when they see the traditional wooden box, but in the comparison of the large-sized wooden box, they will obviously feel that the texture of the wooden box is different, so The visual effects will be different. Faced with the end customer group, the end customer will choose a larger size. Chinese people pay attention to whether the gift is big or small, but not the internal quality, so proper enlargement has a certain effect.


In addition, when it comes to high-end wine boxes, it is estimated that the first time you think of leather boxes, leather boxes are indeed high-end, but the cost is also unacceptable, suitable for small batches or individual customers, more traditional black PU, brown PU, black diamond Pattern, six PU, etc. Similarly, wooden boxes also have high-grade packaging, paint or leather craftsmanship is not a good choice, paint can reduce the deformation of wooden boxes, better texture, and at the same time bright appearance, without losing the unique natural color of wood. The current popular red wine wooden box packaging, the surface is rosy and bright, the texture is clear, the interior is silk packaging, can be equipped with wine utensils, the overall structure is reasonable, the logo can be printed with gold or carved with gold.



With its simple and heavy texture, wooden boxes are often used in the outer packaging of various high-end consumer goods, such as: food gift boxes, wine gift boxes, health care products, valuables, etc. Wooden box packaging is generally of excellent workmanship, exquisite materials, exquisite appearance and beautiful appearance, so the wooden box packaging itself generally has a strong ornamental value. In order to prevent the internal goods from colliding, materials such as flannel, sponge, EPE, paper, and foam are often attached to the red wine wooden box to fix it. Because of the selection of materials, craftsmanship and accessories, the price of red wine wooden box packaging is higher than other packaging forms.

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