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The main display surface of the packaging should not be isolated, and it is still a part and an important part in the whole packaging. The packaging is a three-dimensional object, and the packaging that people see is multi-angle. When considering the main exhibition surface, the relationship with other surfaces should be considered. Consider the overall image of the entire package. Through the coherence, repetition, echo and division of words, graphics and colors, the overall composition of the composition is formed.

1. A carton package, its front and back become the main display surface. However, if the width of the side is equal to the main surface, the same design is sometimes used. Become the exact same "main exhibition", and get a unified feeling no matter what the angle is.

2. Mainly on the front and back, the side shows the composition, function, weight and instructions for use, shelf life, batch number of each competent department and other descriptive words. In terms of formal elements and constituents, there must be connections and differences, resulting in orderly changes, and reflecting the assurance of science and quality.

3. Arrange across surfaces with images, text, graphics and colors, and connect several surfaces as a main body, a large "main exhibition surface", and the picture of each surface is also complete. When this design is displayed in the store, the combination of different sides is used to form a large advertising screen to achieve a strong visual effect and publicity effect.



4. The color design of the label is inseparable from the relationship with the container, the relationship between the labels, and the relationship with the top cover. Pursue the consistency of the background color of the label and the color of the container, and highlight the brand name and graphics. On the white container of women's cosmetics, white labels are used, with delicate line borders and elegant black fonts, which look clean and elegant; while black brandy, with black labels, emphasizes the color of the labels and containers. In contrast, the base color of the label uses gold, silver, white, black and other relatively saturated colors to contrast with the container in terms of brightness and hue, resulting in a strong and lively effect. It is also a way to directly print the name and trademark on the container.


5. The labels of containers are generally divided into body labels, chest labels, abdominal labels, neck labels, shoulder labels, top labels and cover horse labels. Stick one to three on a container. Labels come in a variety of shapes. Body labels, chest labels, and abdominal labels are flat, oval, and rectangular. Some are shaped according to the shape of the container, and some are posted around the container. The number, shape and size of the labels used have a lot to do with the shape of the container. The main labels of the container generally refer to the body label, the chest label, and the abdominal label. The three are used according to the design needs, because the area is relatively large. Some containers use this label to echo the bottle cap. There are also containers (mainly referring to wine bottles) with decorative shoulder labels and neck labels, and some combine the top label, neck label and shoulder label together, without chest label, abdomen label, form the main label, in various forms .

6. The overall design of the packaging is also used in the coordination of the outer packaging and the container; the outer packaging and the bottle sticker adopt the same design, but the composition is slightly changed. Echoing; the image of the container appears on the outer packaging, and part of the design of the outer packaging is repeated on the container label. All in all, gift box manufacturers should focus on a theme, start from the whole, and start from the big picture.


How to make gift boxes reflect beauty and quality?


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