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In fact, when we choose a portable cigar case for daily use, the main considerations are the following criteria:
Effectively protect cigars from external damage
Cigars don't dry out too quickly inside the cigar case
Suitability of different sized cigars
Cigar Case Quality and Visual Appearance
comfortable and portable

There are many types of cigar cases, and the materials alone include cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, carbon fiber, copper, silver, wood, alloy, and combinations of different materials. What kind of cigar case is the best to hold cigars, this estimate will not be conclusive, some people like soft sheepskin cigar case, will like the grainy texture of ostrich skin, some people like the thickness of the cigar tube, some people like the inner layer of pine wood against the cigar take care of.

The material itself does not make much difference in the protection of cigars. For cigar protection, portable cigar cases are only for short-term cigar outings, such as tea time with friends. The cigars are taken out of the humidor, put into the cigar case, and then smoked for only a few hours. The material of the cigar case will not have an essential effect.

More important than the material is the number and size of cigars that the cigar case can hold. Portable cigar cases include single, double, three, and more than three cigars. I am most used to the cigar case that can hold three cigars. It is enough to smoke for a day, and it can be shared with friends when going out, and it is not too big. If I didn’t smoke that day, I would put the cigars back into the humidor when I got home, and put three more cigars in the cigar case the next day. The cigar case is used very frequently. At the same time, when choosing a cigar case, you must choose a cigar case that can hold cigars with a ring diameter of 56 or more. Now that cigars are getting larger and larger, only cigar cases that can hold cigars with a ring diameter of 56 or more have sufficient scope of application.
Other than that, it depends on your preference. There are many cigar cases that are very beautiful and of excellent quality.

There are some cigar cases with moisturizing function, and the moisturizing effect is indeed ideal, but when we use it, its weight and volume are issues that we need to consider. Adding moisturizing function will weaken the portability.
There is also a metal cigar barrel that can only hold one cigar. The metal processing technology and appearance design are of great aesthetic value. Dupont, Dunhill, Davidoff, etc. have all produced this cigar single barrel, which is like a scepter in your hand. But this king is also lonely, because he can only hold one cigar, and he can only enjoy a moment of leisure, and he cannot share it with others.
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